obile products, and those who refuse to bear responsibility or compensate consumers for unqualified automobiles violate the law and will be punished, said the China Consumers Association. The discussion heard that some dealers force consumers to purchase insurance or ask for financial serv ice fees without issuing invoices, both illegal acts that should be severely punished according to the law, the association said. During the discussion an unnamed womaen complained that she was sold a defective Mercedes-Benz car. The woman said the engine of the CLS300 she bought from Xi’an, Shaanxi province dealership Lizh ixing Co developed problems soon after she bought it March 27,Read More →

Guangzhou in South China’s Guangdong province provides the most job opportunities in enterprises in the first quarter of this year, a report said. With development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greate r Bay Area set to begin, Guangzhou witnessed 24.95 percent year-on-year growth in recrui tment demand in Q1, according to the report by 58 Tongcheng Recruitment Research Institute. First-tier cities including Beijing and Shanghai continue to provide the largest job markets i n China, while new first-tier cities such as Chengdu in Southwest China’s Sichuan province and Hangzhou in E ast China’s Zhejiang province show strong momentum in recruitment demand growth. With an average monthly wageRead More →

President Xi Jinping is paying great attention to poverty reductio n work during his inspection tour of the mountainous Chongqing municipality. Immediately after Xi got off his plane on Monday he boarded a train and then traveled by road, heading to a primary school and a village in the Shizhu Tujia autonomous county, in a remote part of Southwest China. To build a moderately prosperous society, it is crucial to raise rur al living standards, Xi said while visiting the home of Ma Pei­qing, an 85-year-old farmer in the village of Huaxi, Zhongyi township, who joined the Communist Party of China 45 years ago. “SeeingRead More →

old, has poor sperm motility and its genitals were damaged. Since it could not naturally impr egnate the female, experts had undertaken four insemination procedures since 2015. “It’s a disastrous loss for the protection of the species,” said Liu Nonglin, chief engineer of the Chinese Association of Zoolog ical Gardens. “The experts had researched former insemination surgeries, consulted colleagues and made the best surgery and rescue plan. The team even experimented on three male and two female large-sized Asian turtles usi ng the same surgical procedures. But the tragedy happened even though the surgery was well planned.” More than 1 meter in length and weighingRead More →

A capacity building platform designed for community-level healthcar e services was officially launched on Apr 15 by the National Health Commission (NHC). The report delivered at the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China points ou t that community-level healthcare services should be improved and the work of general practitioners strengthened. The NHC launched a capacity building and training program for community level talents i n 2018, and prepared to establish capacity building platform combining online and offline efforts. Talent team building is the key component to enhancing commu nity level healthcare services, said Wang Hesheng, NHC deputy director. www.sh419qq.comRead More →

ipation ever of Nobel Prize winners, with four on the team They were Arieh Warshel, the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in chem istry; Edvard I. Moser, the 2014 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine; Konstantin Novoselov, the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine; and Michael Young, the 2017 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or med icine. These four were also joined by Les Valiant, the 2010 Turing Prize winner. The survey was conducted by the International Tal ents magazine. The organizer and Dataway provided data analysis of the survey. China Daily cons tructed the official website for the survey and reported on theRead More →

Image-editing app developer Meitu Inc stated, in response to previous reports, that it was not true the company planned to shut down its smartphone business by the middle of this year. Meitu would cooperate with Xiaomi to launch a new smartphone marking the beginning of a new area . The cooperation with Xiaomi will represent the start of technological enhancement and scale devel opment, said Meitu’s spokesman, accepting an interview with Shanghai Securities News on Monday. On November 19, the company and Chinese smartphone maker Xia omi reached a global strategic cooperation arrangement that gave exclusive license to X iaomi to use Meitu smartphone brand,Read More →

More than 3,000 cooperation intentions were reached between Chinese government dep artments and professional organizations, training agencies and overseas talent at the 17th Conf erence on International Exchange of Professionals, which wrapped up in Shenzhen on Monday. Over 1,500 enterprises, including well-known companies like Tencent, Huawei, Pin gan, Vanke and BYD, presented talent with nearly 40,000 job opportunities at the conference. The employers received more than 180,000 res umes from job-seekers. More than 30,000 people reached preliminary agreements on employment. As a platform on which international professionals and talent gather to exchange ideas and explore development opportunities, the conference also features international cooperation. Several high-levelRead More →

New Zealand’s new gun law officially took effect on Friday less than a month after the terror attacks on Christchurch mosques which killed 50 people. Governor General Dame Patsy Reddy signed the law on Thursday night, which was the final step before it becomes law. The New Zealand parliament passed the bill after its third or the final reading on Wednesday night. In acorda nce with the new gun law, possessing military-style semi-automatics (MSSAs) and assault rifles and associated parts will be illegal. The new gun bill, namely the Arms (Prohibited Firearms, Magazines and parts) Amendment Bill, won overwhelming support in the parliament as itRead More →

y budget to launch my collection at New York Fashion Week in February. Thank fully, Lane Crawford and Labelhood provided me with support to showcase my coll ection again at SFW. These two companies have been providing many opportunities for new designers to exh ibit their works to the world,” says Hu, who graduated from Central Saint Martins and the Parsons School of Design. “I never imagined that I would get so much attention for my first col lection. Many top publications, such as Vogue and i-D magazine, professionals and buyers c ame to view my collection. It surprised me that they aren’t ignoring newRead More →