and diplomatic means alone cannot support Japan’s global ambitions. A military presence at the global level is needed if Japan is to expand its political clout. Compared with old European powers like the UK and France, Japan’s military influence in Europe is jerkwater. But it is different after Japan signed military pac ts with these countries – Japan’s political influence is increasing because of the support of military powers. With the influence of the UK and France declining in the Asia-Pacific region, their military activities can get the support from Japan via the A CSA, which will immensely boost Japan’s military clout. These European countriesRead More →

The Chinese drinking culture is set for a transformation. According to a survey of 109,441 Chinese conducted by the China Youth Daily’s Social Investigation Center, 84 percent said they were not fan of the drinking culture in China. The long tradition seems to be on the wane, reflecting a change in an important aspect of China’s material culture. On one hand, as living standards improve, Chinese people pay more atte ntion to their health. More people are choosing tea over liquor as their daily beverage. Instead of sitting at the table for the night, people now prefer healthier lifestyles. On the other hand, Chinese peRead More →

wed closely by the US and Japan, the report revealed. The three countries own 74 percent of all issued AI patents globally. The CISTP report noted that while China has the world’s secondlargest AI talent pool, it has a lower percentage of top talents. By the end of 2017, China had amassed more than 18,000 AI specialists, behind only the US. But, Ch ina had only 977 top-tier AI specialists, just one-fifth of the number in the US, ranking sixth globally. “China’s strengths are mainly shown in AI applications and it is still weak on the front of core techn ologies of AI, such asRead More →

Shenzhen is to strengthen its regulations on smoking in public places, making it the strictest smoking policy in history, Nanfang Daily has reported. The strenghtening is to focus on five areas of the policy. Since the implementation of the smoking policy in Shenzhen on March 1, 2014, smoking in public places has been banned, carrying a total fine of 3.745 millio n yuan, comprising a 3.325 million yuan fine for illegal smokers and 420,000 yuan for public places that failed to control smoking. In implementing the policy however, problems arose with excessive fines, difficulties with law enforcement and evidence collection, and complicated punishment procedures. DeputiesRead More →

get of plagiarism allegations because he, having obtained a PhD at the Beijing Film Academy and been freshly enrolled by Peking University f or postdoctoral research, was found to not know about the China National Knowledge Infra structure (CNKI), a Chinese database of academic resources. China Daily writer Zhang Zhouxiang comments: To anyone who has ever written an academic essay in the Chinese language, Zhai not knowing about CNKI is as absurd as a self-claimed chemist not knowing the periodic table of elements. CNKI is an online platform that allows students and scholars to search for academic articles and papers published in China, and readRead More →

ue to boost support for private kindergartens and encourage them to provide inclusive services. The ministry said media reports that the country will no longer allow the development of private kindergartens were misleading, and it will continue to encourage investment in kindergartens. As of 2017, about 63 percent of kindergartens nationwide were run by private entiti es, among which 43 percent were deemed to be providing inclusive services, the ministry said. It added that it will encourage more private kindergartens to provide inclusive servic es. In the meantime, private kindergartens will be allowed to remain profit-oriented to meet public demand. Chinese authorities have decided toRead More →

be paying homage to the year of the Earth pig by teaming up with celebrated design team, Isabel an d Helen Studio to create a bespoke art installation within the restaurants inspired by the zodiac an imal. An exclusive Chinese New Year menu will also be available featuring celebratory dishes. The pig occupies the final position in the Chinese zodiac and encapsulates a care free nature marking the end of the cycle. It signifies growth and contentment and encourages restoration and reflection. The Year of the Pig installation will consist of multiple ‘bio-morphic’ pigs su spended from the ceiling using wire and created from aRead More →

WUHAN – Chen Yuxiang lived on Honghu Lake in Central China’s Hubei province f or 40 years since his birth. He now works as a machine operator at a shoe factory. “I used to live on Honghu Lake and made a living as a fisherman, but the water became heavily pollut ed and we had to find another way to earn money since there were hardly any fish in the lake,” Said Chen, 41. Now, after a string of environment protection campaigns, all the fishermen have left the waters and now live and w ork onshore with the help of government, restoring Honghu Lake’s charmRead More →

chodrama composed of four major sections, i.e. Dramatic Presentation, Interactive E xperiences, Volunteer Interpretation and Hui Diji’s Heart Forum, based on real stories and psycho-social counseling cases. All performances will be presented in Chinese with English subtitles. The event is part of the second annual Creative China Festival (CCF), which is co-organized b y Beijing Contemporary Art Foundation (BCAF) and Creative China Center in New York. The current CCF has been open from September 2018 to March 2019 in New York, Bo ston, Washington D.C., Los Angeles, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, San Diego, and Seattle. The CCF aims to nurture innovative creators and foster in-depth collaRead More →

According to Taiwanese media reports, Zhong Liti recently exposed the beautiful scenery of Samui Island in Thailand, but the con tent of the text has caused controversy. She said that she took her father and mother-in-law to Sumei Island for 11 d ays of detoxification treatment, during which she only drank oil, and many toxins were discharged from her body, w hich made her feel relaxed and comfortable. She also said that diabetes, hypertension, cirrhosis and other diseases could be discharged through this cour se, hoping that more people would come to Sumei Island to detoxify. Enthusiastic solicitation reminds netiz ens of Yi Nengjing, whoRead More →